We will rely on the Civil Code of the Russian Federation.

“But it was my idea, and the photographer only took a picture”

The author is the one whose creative work created the work. And all rights to the work belong to the author, i.e. the photographer in this case (Article 1257 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). Ideas are not a guarantee of authorship until they are patented. The client buys only originals or copies of works.

“I mean, you don’t give away the sources, in fact, they give everything away”

I really encountered once with such a client who directly told me how I should work, because he had already seen this with someone. After that, I began to give the source photos, having previously cleaned them of bad photos, I do not mind. Specifically, I allow my clients to do whatever they want with the original photos: process them as they like (apply filters, crop, change the shape, etc.), but DO NOT MARK MY AUTHORITY. Again, not all photographers are ready to go for this, it is important to clarify this point BEFORE SHOOTING.

“I did not like the processing, and I processed it by myself”

Not only is this a violation of Art. 1255 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation (the right to inviolability of the work), so this is also such a clear cant of the client when choosing a photographer. I always tell my clients: look at the portfolio. Like it — we will work together, no — it’s not even worth trying. Again, I allow ONLY SOURCE PHOTOS to be processed. Not already processed by me (and it is very clear where the processed photo is processed again). In the end, if you really liked the portfolio, but the processing did not go through, you can write to me and tell me honestly about it. I calmly make contact and listen to your wishes when processing your series of images.

“I don’t want to tag the photographer when posting”

But desirable. The photographer has the right to a name, i.e. to demand that he be marked as an author when posting on Instagram or any other social network (Article 1265 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

“What then am I entitled to as a client?”

The client has the right to use the photos for non-commercial purposes until he has bought the exclusive rights to the original photos (for this, an agreement on the transfer of exclusive rights is drawn up). Thus, the client can upload pictures to their social networks, print them and store them in a family photo album, show photos to relatives, friends, etc., but has no right to use them, for example, for advertising purposes.

Who owns the rights to the photos?. Wedding and portrait photographer in Batumi Ekaterina Makedonskaya

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